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We're a small group of people living in London UK that have come together because of our first-hand experience of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

We've either been diagnosed with PTSD and have received or are still receiving treatment for the condition, what we call Experts-by-Experience; or, we're Clinical Psychologists that work closely with people who suffer from the condition.

We first came together in 2016 to form a group that we called the PTSD Action Group. Our initial vision was to raise awareness and inform others of PTSD and its myriad causes. We continue to speak with sufferers, family and friends, healthcare workers and commissioners - anyone that will listen.  So far we have:

  • held family & friends events.

  • represented PTSD at local NHS hospital open events.

  • campaigned for change on issues that affect those with PTSD.

We meet to plan projects and update the website regularly.



This website is our knowledge hub. It's for anyone with or affiliated to PTSD, as well as those that are interested in staying informed. 


The concept behind this venture is that everything posted here is tried and tested and verified by experience – not just by an individual, but by as many of us as we can manage. And we're a diverse group - we come from different backgrounds and cultures and our PTSD symptoms have arisen from equally diverse causes.

The genesis of our website name may need explaining. We don't mean to trivialise or cause offence - quite the opposite.

In our many discussions on what we could call our website, we struggled and failed to find a name that wasn't already in use and that had authenticity for us.  One of us, with the wryness born out of genuine struggle, said, "In truth, it should be wtfPTSD. That's how I honestly feel some days!"  The ensuing silent nods sealed it.

Let us know if there's something you'd like to see included in our resource hub.

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knowledge hub

We're always updating our list of resources and useful links. It is a good first port-of-call to find verified and trustworthy sources of information and knowledge on all aspects of PTSD. 



Explore our collection of wtfPTSD reviews that have been written by people who have direct experience of PTSD;  either because they have experienced, or are still experiencing the debilitating symptoms of PTSD (‘experts-by-experience’) or because they are working closely in a clinical setting with people experiencing PTSD. You are welcome to submit your own review here.


It's important to separate fact from fiction. Staying well-informed avoids wasting time and effort on irrelevancies - and it also means that you're the best possible source of information to help others. 

news feed

This is where we post reviews, opinions and ideas that are more dynamic and changing. It is a new concept for us so do keep checking in with it as we accumulate posts. 

twitter feed

Follow us on twitter so that you can be notified of new wtfPTSD content.  See our twitter feed below.



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